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On a mountain

Into the pure nature! Explore, breath, observe … If hunger strikes, treat yourself to tempting traditional food. Enjoy it and set off on a experience real good. 

To eat


Breakfast, milking the cows, collecting eggs laid in straw, and then into the kitchen, where every day the finest traditional alpine dairy farm food is prepared with love. 

To meet

"We love to chill in a mud!"
- Pigs

To explore

It would be a shame to visit us and to not explore. The opportunities are endless, hence the choice is completely yours. You will enjoy the views of Jezersko or Obirsko (Austria). At times of good visibility you can look across the entire Kamnik-Savinja Alps all the way to Slovenia’s capital.

To sleep

You can also stay overnight! To give your experience a touch of tradition, the comfortable and fragrant hayloft is where you will close your tired eyes in the evening.

Get here!

From Tržič to our parking lot, it is only 16 km.

In Tržič, turn right at the gas station and continue towards the beautiful Dovžan Gorge. Pass through Čadovlje, go through Jelendol, and then take a right onto the gravel road until you reach an intersection with a large sign. After a few kilometers, you will reach the parking lot at 1255 meters above sea level. From here it’s a 20 minute walk to our farm.

Follow the guide in the video.

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Uporabljamo piškotke, ki nam pomagajo, da bo vaša izkušnja tukaj ena najboljših. Če niso po vašem okusu, jih lahko onemogočite ali o njih preberete v politiki zasebnosti.