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Good company, divine views, the mischievous look of our donkey, singing turkeys, fresh mountain air, and a table laden with top-quality homemade food and meats, which are a true rarity.

The Shepherd’s feast is intended for private groups. We warmly welcome celebrants of all kinds, gatherings for countless occasions, and colleagues from all walks of life.

A minimum of 10 people is required for the event.

What will you eat?

Before you is a laden table. 

The first plates are filled with dried meats, alpine cottage cheese, homemade bread, and fresh vegetables with herbs. 

For the larger menu, a creamy or beef soup follows, with the cheerful clinking of spoons.

Finally, the main course arrives. Featuring top-quality homemade meats from the Pr’Škofc farm. Roast chicken, veal, beef … There are also side dishes – cabbage, žganci, traditional potatoes – everything you need.

For dessert, our Mama Nežka will provide her/our signature štruklji.

Top up with premium wine and, of course, homemade schnapps

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3-course menu (pre-course, main course, desert)

4-course menu (pre-course, soup, main course, desert)

Vegeterian menu




Children up to 12 years: ½ price of the menu.

"The food and homemade brews are simply the best.""
- Maja

Frequently asked questions

In case of bad weather, we have to reschedule or cancel the feast.

From Tržič to the parking lot, it takes approximately 45 minutes by car. From the parking lot to the hut, it’s another 15 minutes of easy walking along a well-maintained forest path. We can also drive elderly and mobility-impaired people to the hut by car.

You can stay overnight in the hayloft. The price per person is 20 euros. The price includes an alpine breakfast and the tourist tax. The overnight stay must be booked in advance.

No, we don’t except credit cards, as the signal on the mountain is too low for POS terminal. 


Uporabljamo piškotke, ki nam pomagajo, da bo vaša izkušnja tukaj ena najboljših. Če niso po vašem okusu, jih lahko onemogočite ali o njih preberete v politiki zasebnosti.